Help your organization detect risks, gain insights for optimization, and reduce your IT cost and complexity

This Microsoft-funded evaluation program will guide your
organization to migrate seamlessly to Azure

Optimize your environment for Azure

Obtain data-driven insights of your environment to identify opportunities and needs for your future Azure infrastructure, as well as paths to modernize your Azure footprint

Reduce costs and complexity

Build a cost-effective Azure plan for your organization, based on our recommendations, by removing redundancies, and ensuring that what you have is what you need

Identify risks and security threats

Detect threats and security menaces that may impede your migration and receive guidance to minimize risks during deployment

Maximize your investment with a comprehensive IT asset discovery and analysis

The work done during this evaluation will provide an actionable roadmap to mitigate risks, drive optimization and modernization, as well as reduce the cost and complexity of your IT footprint.

You can be sure of the security and confidentiality of your data throughout this engagement, since your data is destroyed at the conclusion of the evaluation.

Improve your organization’s IT health, based on your business’ requirements

This purpose driven, data-backed consultative engagement is built to provide actionable insights for your unique IT environment.

Team Venti uses a cross platform discovery tool that leverages standard ports and protocols to gather the data required to produce a rapid, but thorough 360-degree view of your environment, which enables the guided consultation you will receive.

To take advantage of this Microsoft-funded evaluation, please contact us.

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